Mine, Edinburgh Festival Fringe


A woman falls asleep in front of the telly waiting for her teenaged son to come home. Instead, the police knocking on her door wake her up at 3 am. Her son’s fine, but he’s done something so horrendous she refuses disclose it.

Mine acknowledges that parenting is hard, and being a single parent is even harder. The constant fear of doing something really wrong is usually unfounded, but what do you do when your child does something truly terrible? This unnamed character attempts to answer this. As she finds her way through a monologue of emotional turmoil, media harassment and what to do next, she takes the audience along with her. They go willingly, and are moved by her story.

Providing little information about the son is a canny choice by the writer. This presentation of another side of the well-known crime narrative challenges the simplistic good/evil dichotomy and puts families of the offenders in the foreground. Often erased or sidelined in modern drama, the mother’s voice is one that valuable and deserving of attention.

Structurally, the ending is just slightly too rushed. There are some too-quick transitions and it’s not always clear how much time has passed between the events she discusses. On the whole however, this is a polished solo performance that gives voice to an important perspective that’s usually disregarded.

Mine runs through 27 August.

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