Embedded Criticism & Dramaturgy

Normally, theatre criticism happens after the creative process of the playwright, director and designers is complete. Barring that of the actors, the creative process is finished, and the critic evaluates the final product. There has been a visible emergence of embedded criticism in recent years, where theatre makers invite critics into the rehearsal and development process to document their work, interview the creative team, and provide background information to readers and audiences. This serves as advocacy for the work and provides the company with valuable material that can be used in funding applications, marketing processes and company archives. Embedded critics usually publish this work, and can be present as much or as little as the company likes. Matt Trueman discusses embedded criticism in more detail here.

I am available for work as an embedded critic, and also as a dramaturg. As a dramaturg, I work with production teams to facilitate the unification of all production elements into a clear vision. I am also available to work with playwrights during the early development stages of their scripts.

To enquire about either the embedded criticism or dramaturgy process and rates, email me at shakespearean [at] gmail [dot] com.