Changelings, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Mowgli, a ferocious boy-child raised by wolves in the jungle, has been kicked out of the pack. He’s trying to figure out what to do next when he meets a mysterious creature from another world – or rather, another story. Puck has been watching Mowgli with unusually keen interest, so the two might be able to help each other out.

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Fall Out, Edinburgh Festival Fringe,f_auto,ar_3:2,c_fill/!/image/image.jpg

by guest critic Rebecca JS Nice

Fall Out is one of very few solely tap shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Old Kent Road are a London-based company of hoofers whose vocabulary is developed out of improvisation in response to a jazz accompaniment. The results mean the dancers’ tap shoes become a percussive instrument that create a highly complex jazz melody over the top of their band. Rhythm tap is far more mathematic than the ballroom based jazz tap and musical theatre styles. These performers are musicians as well as dancers. Above all, they are super-cool.

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