Like Dolphins Can Swim, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

When they were kids, Alice promised Sam that when they were grown, they would still hang out and play superheroes. Now they’re uni students home for the summer, and have both changed a lot since that promise. But Alice turns up in Sam’s back garden to make good.

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All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

1987. Hull. Two couples in the same hospital each have a child. Leah is born to a working class family, and Chris into a middle class one. As they grow up, their lives are shaped by world events, social class and their parents’ income and ambition. 

Neither leads a particularly notable life, but it’s their millenial everyman-ness that Luke Barnes celebrates. Middle Child sets their first thirty years to a rock anthem soundtrack with a David Bowie-esque narrator, elevating the everyday to the extraordinary in a guitar-fuelled, sweaty, cathartic gig of a show.
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