Instructions for Correct Assembly, Royal Court

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by Laura Kressly

I reckon you can find any kind of furniture you’d like flatpacked. You can even buy flatpack houses. But would you purchase a build-your-own family member that’s totally programme to fit your idea of a perfect person?

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Ok Bye, VAULT Festival

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by guest critic Alex Dowding

So what really happens when the fat lady sings? If it’s anything like Red Belly Black’s accomplished take on on the exquisitely human experience of grief and letting go, expect laughter, tears and harsh truths served with a glittering side of live music.

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A Hundred Words for Snow, VAULT Festival

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by Laura Kressly

Rory’s taking her dad on his dream trip to the North Pole. The Geography teacher has always wanted to be a proper explorer, and Rory grew up hearing stories about historical adventurers setting out into the great unknown to discover the world.

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The House of Bernada Alba, Cervantes Theatre

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by guest reviewer Lara Alier

It has always surprised me how popular Lorca is in the UK.

Last night I went to the Cervantes Theatre, where plays are performed both in English and in Spanish. The first thing that catches my eye was the minimalist set design; the wall shows a weaved white pattern and the red floor mimicked big floor tiles.

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