Secret Theatre Project, a secret location

By guest critic Michaela Clement-Hayes

Rule number one: We do not ask questions about Project Mayhem.
Rule number two: We do not ask questions about Project Mayhem.

And of course, we do not talk about Project Mayhem, which makes it fairly tricky to review Secret Theatre Project. I mean I don’t want them to kill me, or my loved ones. And anyway I’m 100% committed to the cause…unlike most of the audience who stood around like gormless children getting embarrassed if anyone spoke to them. 

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Olympilads, Theatre N16

By guest critic Nastazja Somers

Andrew Maddock, the writer behind the hugely successful IN/OUT (a feeling) has a great talent for creating fully developed and multi-layered characters that don’t come from privileged backgrounds. Not often enough do we see stories of working class people explored beyond the mundane on stage. Directed by Niall Phillips, OLYMPILADS, Maddock’s new play is set in Wembley during the 2012 Olympics. It examines the lives of three siblings, all of whom dream about running away from their fears.

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