The Last Resort, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Cuba Libres in hand, we are invited to pull up a deck chair and enjoy our own private beaches. Two friendly hosts promise us a relaxing, all-inclusive stay at Guantanamo Bay Resort – but given the name of our destination, this tropical holiday is rather different from the norm.

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Party Game, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by guest critic Tom Brocklehurst

WARNING: SPOILERS (but you probably won’t want to see it anyway after reading what I have to say).

I have reservations as soon as I walk into bluemouth’s new immersive party show at the Wee Red Bar. Primarily because there aren’t many people there – never a good sign for a party.

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Secret Life of Humans, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Ava is fascinated by human beings. Not just generally, but in the academic, evolutionary sense. She’s also going through a tough time and needs a break, so she’s on the pull. Jamie’s also after a distraction and the two matched on Tinder, so now, after millions of years of evolution, these two people are having dinner.

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