The Class Project, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Rebecca Atkinson-Lord speaks with an accent that she stole. Her family all have Wolverhampton accents, but her parents’ decision to send to private school meant that she adopted a voice that endowed her with a social status above the rest of her family. It allowed her to ‘pass’ as part of the elite and has benefited her career, her relationships and numerous other areas of her life.

Her reflection on her voice and tribute to the rich history of the West Midlands and Black Country is a moving acknowledgement of the deep-seated bias and associations between accent and social class in Britain. Though not confrontational, it asks the audience to reflect on their own attitudes towards people and the way they speak.

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Ever Never, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

You can travel through time on a plane if your trip is long enough to cross time zones. But how far back or forward can you go? What if you could, dream-like, revisit the people you’ve lost? This expressionist Taiwanese physical theatre piece, contemplates the people on a flight, their memories and life experiences. 

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Submission and Sarah, Sky and Seven Other Guys, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A British Pakistani Muslim tries to reconcile his faith and family with his love of men and clubbing.

A gay guy and his straight female bff share a flat, a mutual adoration for classic films and the occasional man.

Liver & Lung Productions’ two new plays, whilst needing further development, look at two issues that queer men of colour face. Submission is the stronger of the two works, though Sarah, Sky and Seven Other Guys includes a mix of serious and light-hearted material.

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