Sagar Mega Drive, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

By guest critic Jo Trainor

Sonic was always my go to when playing Sega, but Fiona Sagar has got a slightly different cast of characters to choose from in her show Sagar Mega Drive

They come fast and furiously, Sagar throwing on costumes in seconds to squeeze all six of them in within her hour. There doesn’t appear to be any link between them, ranging from an Australian nursery teacher to a chihuahua. Although they all fit within the premise of being from Sega, some sort of connection would have helped shape the piece. There’s a lot of interaction in the show, and Sagar creates a great rapport with her audience throughout. This People are so open to coming on stage with her, and everyone gives it their all rather than having awkward silences. 

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Three Shows Inspired by Shakespeare, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

In a festival that worships the new and the innovative, Shakespeare adaptations are surprisingly ten a penny at the fringe. Many are school groups, though there are some from professional companies in the mix. These are often adaptations or new work inspired by Shakespeare’s stories, characters or themes. Though more likely to be of higher quality, theatremakers often struggle to find a balance between innovation and the original source material.

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