I Have a Bad Feeling About This, VAULT Festival

by Laura Kressly

Alice and her husband moved house from a bustling city to sleepy Berkhamsted just 6 weeks ago. She can’t wait to make new friends and get stuck into all that village life offers, even though her new home is hardly trendy like Margate, and none of her friends are willing to visit. The only thing undermining her positivity is that faithful companion Anxiety has relocated with her and threatens to ruin everything.

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Still We Dream… – VAULT Festival

Image result for and still we dream, vault festival

by guest critic Lara Alier

“Dance, dance, dance, otherwise we are dead!”

Pina Bausch was the person who opened my heart to dance. And this seems to be the case for most of the performers on stage in Still We Dream…

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The Quantum Physics of My Heart, VAULT Festival 

by guest critic Meredith Jones Russell

The Quantum Physics of My Heart is a delightful one-woman show inviting the whole audience to take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the 1990s-2000s, as well as the timeless and universal challenges of being a teenager.

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Angry, Southwark Playhouse

by guest critic Joanna Trainor

“Remember me; I sparkled.”

Philip Ridley’s ability to write about the most grotesque scenarios with the most beautiful language will never cease to amaze. The director tweeted to say he was glad I enjoyed the show, but “enjoy” never feels like the right word for Ridley. Uncomfortable, anxious, grossed out but oddly moved by the whole thing seems far more appropriate. And let’s face it, we wouldn’t want our in yer face theatre any other way.

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