Talk About the Passion, VAULT Festival

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by guest critic David Martín

Evelyn is a publisher. Jason’s son was murdered by a paedophile. Two different points of view on the meaning of forgiveness hangs up between them. This is thoughtful, script driven to the point but not juiced enough to reach out the audience.

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Ian Done a Bad Thing, VAULT Festival

by guest critic Lara Alier

Forgiveness, guilt and punishment: these words are part of our nature and yet they’re still hard to talk about. The death penalty has always granted me hours of heated arguments. I’ve found our morals are malleable depending on each situation and can stretch or shrink like copper.

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The Listening Room, Stratford East

Can violent criminals be rehabilitated, and can their victims ever forgive them? The Listening Room says yes.

This verbatim piece tells the stories of three violent crimes, primarily from the perspective of the perpetrators. Some character background sets the scene for climactic moments where they commit their offences, but at least half of each of the five characters’ stories spotlights the rehabilitation process and mediation between the assailants and their victims.

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