Talk About the Passion, VAULT Festival

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by guest critic David Martín

Evelyn is a publisher. Jason’s son was murdered by a paedophile. Two different points of view on the meaning of forgiveness hangs up between them. This is thoughtful, script driven to the point but not juiced enough to reach out the audience.

In just 35 minutes, Jason’s son’s murder and Evelyn and Jason’s conflict expose the thin line of human morality and raises questions such as: What would you do if all odds were against you? Who is right even both parties have solid reasons? The audience is pushed make their own judgements about both characters’ decisions.

Martha Dancy and Louie Keen give good performances, yet they are not rich enough to really hit the audience. The characters have two completely opposing backgrounds: on one hand a successful publisher who is happy with her life, while on the other a father’s life is ruined by her publication of a book and, consequently, the press attention. Backed up by a raw and direct script, the actors’ interpretations of their characters feels shallow. Despite this, they hold a well-paced rhythm.

Overall, this is a thoughtful play calling for us to be conscious of the meaning of forgiveness or justice in our society. Life is about choices and through these choices our morality is tested.

Talk About the Passion runs through 4 March.

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