Balaklava Blues, Vault Festival

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by Laura Kressly

In 2014, Mark and Marichka Marczyk met in Kyiv as protesters fighting against the Ukraine’s corrupt government. As riot police marched against citizens standing up to their rulers, the pair fell in love.

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A Clown Show About Rain, Vault Festival

by Romy Foster

Silent Faces’ new show brings harmony between goofiness and grief. Their playfulness is infectious and the audience can’t help themselves but to giggle at the absurdity (and tea!) being fed to them over the hour.

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It’s Not a Sprint, Vault Festival

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by Christina Bulford

Ever felt like you were stumbling through life rather than running it? Living in London can feel like a sprint sometimes, barging up and down escalators and chasing pay cheques whilst trying to hold family and friends, a career and a love life together in your sweaty palms. As if that wasn’t enough, you meet stumbling blocks along the way, like: what day do I need to put the bins out? How many weeks is it acceptable not to wash my sheets? Will I ever be grown-up enough to be in bed by ten, or to do a weekly shop?

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Lamplighters, Vault Festival

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by Meredith Jones Russell

Billed as part theatre, part game, part improv comedy, Lamplighters is certainly attempting to cast its net as wide as possible when it comes to appeal. Based on host and star Neil Connolly’s attempt to relive his favourite childhood game, it asks willing audience members to join in a madcap game of John le Carré-style spies.

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