S/he/it Happens, Etcetera Theatre

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by Amy Toledano

Perfectly suited to the Camden Fringe, this strange yet poignant show offers a new take on gender and the struggles many young people have with gender identity. It opens our eyes to gender fluidity and the complications that the outside world imposes on it.

Miranda Porter (they/them), the show’s creator, performer, director and producer, introduces us to a world familiar to many. We bear witness to their humble little office where they spend their days signing and stapling, hole punching and filing, until the phone rings. For a moment we see them shaken and trying to make sense of their place in the world, and they spend the rest of the show brainstorming their way into it.

An abstract piece of  clowning and performance art, Porter uses their own body in order to normalise bodies that so often don’t fit into what they feel on the inside. With gentle and light-hearted physical comedy, they focus on how we often place so much pressure on people to be a certain thing and fit into the boxes that society has so tightly sealed shut, that we forget we are all humans in bodies trying to live our lives as best we can.

Keeping us on our toes throughout, Porter strips down to their boxer shorts and spends the better part of fifty minutes trying with all their might to look like the six pack bearing model in the underwear advertising. Using as many ways as they can they do their best to put themselves in the same shoes as they feel they should be, they do a lovely job and knocking us over the head with this important message.

S/he/it Happens finds the humour in an issue often stigmatised and delicately provides a voice to a community that absolutely needs to be heard.

S/he/it Happens runs through 3 August.

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