Chambers_, a secret location


By Michaela Clement-Hayes

There’s a growing trend for immersive experiences. In a world of AI and 3D printing, we don’t just want to see and hear our entertainment – we want to touch and taste it as well. Much like the thrills children crave at a fun fair, our expectation is that we will get a huge burst of adrenaline as we fully experience something unique.

Gingerline is the true master of the immersive dining experience. The food is not an afterthought, nor is it there simply to be enjoyed during entertainment. Here it is part of the overall experience. Each dish is perfectly crafted to complement the scenario in which the audience finds themselves and every dietary requirement is catered for, without losing the essence of the experience.

In Chambers_ – a multi-dimensional dining experience designed by Davy Berryman and Lauren Partridge – we find ourselves in various dimensions. Each plays on our emotions: one challenges us to unleash our competitive streak while one of the final experiences is not only beautiful, but genuinely quite terrifying.

As for participation, everyone should expect to play their part, but to what extent is up to you. As an actress, I find my perfect stage and – script in hand – lead my fellow travellers to a standing ovation.

It’s quirky, creepy and colourful – a truly fantastic night out for anyone who’s brave enough to take the plunge into a new dimension.

Chambers_ runs through 28 September in London.

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