Outside & Fallout, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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by Laura Kressly

With the world as it is, it’s fair to feel like the apocalypse is coming and there’s nothing us powerless citizens can do about it. In that context, making a show about how we’re all doomed seems a rather reasonable response. Doom and gloom shows are a dime a dozen at the fringe, and these two address a particular brand of disaster with varying results.

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With Child, Soho Theatre

by guest critic Maeve Campbell

Clare Pointing’s With Child isn’t actually about pregnancy. Facing a show that’s billed as six ‘talking heads’ style monologues delivered by six pregnant characters feels dauntingly alienating when you only know or care a little about trimesters or nursing plans. But thankfully, none of these themes are focused too heavily upon in Pointing’s perceptive, nuanced one woman show.

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Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

shitfaced shakespeare

by guest critic and photographer Esther Moorton

To see or not to see? That is the question.

But this is a hilarious take on Shakespeare’s famous Hamlet, but not as you or I know it.

In these long-running, established shows, one of the main actors is plied with alcohol pre-performance and throughout the show audience members have the authority to request more drinks for the actor.

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