Flushed, Edinburgh Festival Fringe


By Laura Kressly

Marnie and Jen are sisters and the best of friends. They share a flat, dating stories and countless nights out. There isn’t anything they don’t know about each other – until Marnie casually mentions a doctor’s appointment she has coming up. 

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Mengele and Gulliver Returns, Edinburgh Festival Fringe


by Laura Kressly

Misogyny is everywhere, even in stories that aren’t about misogyny. A mysterious woman saves a drowning man who treats her like scum, and a beleaguered wife tolerates a torrent of abuse in the name of genius, but these scenarios lie within stories with more dominant narratives. 

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Status, Edinburgh Festival Fringe


By Laura Kressly

Chris Thorpe has a parasitic worm somewhere under his sternum that is as much a part of him as he is of it. It’s not something he used to really notice but since Brexit, he feels it deep within his chest. He’s now had enough of it and now would do anything to get it out of his body. 

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She-Wolves, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by guest critic Rebecca JS Nice

I took a punt with She-Wolves on a rainy day in Edinburgh at Greenside. A historian and feminist myself, a title like She-Wolves is right up my alley. As well as that, the rising status of gender history and a search for female heroines across the arts makes it a piece of its time.

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