Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by guest critic Joanna Trainor

“We’re not here for your pleasure.” “Consent is hot.” The Fringe Wives Club need some merch with these slogans on. Glittery Clittery has everything you need for a cult feminist disco, plus a labia costume.

There is nothing quite like being in a room with other feminists when you’re all cheering, weeping, and whooping at the same parts of the show. The atmosphere is always going to be electric. Sometimes in life you just need to be lifted up by a group of fabulous women, singing about how we deserve pockets. And the whole of the audience appreciates it just as much as you do. Seriously though, give us pockets, patriarchy. At its best, the arts, and the Fringe in particular, can remind you of all the things you have in common with other people, and Glittery Clittery does that perfectly. It’s a club you’re going to want a membership card for.

As well as political anthems about pockets and fuckboy feminists, the cabaret also includes a brilliant gameshow called Lagoon of Mystery. Contestants have to name various parts of the vulva as well as make up their own name for it. My favourite that evening was Wizard Tunnel, because it is pretty damn magic.

Fringe Wives Club have created a gorgeous, glitzy cabaret you need to go to. Bring all your feminist pals, clap, whoop, nearly cry a bit and just remember that you’re part of a kickass community.

Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery runs until 26 August.

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