Eggs Collective Get a Round, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Eggs Collective are after the #bestnighteva with this joyful show modelled on the great British night out. Gold sequinned dresses, blue eyeshadow, and WKD by the bucketload are vital ingredients of this playful tribute to one of this country’s most venerated institutions.

The start of the show is the start of the night, and there’s potential for anything to happen on both accounts. Heady excitement reigns as everyone is given a shot, and the rules of getting rounds are explained. Audience members receive roles from a lengthy list of stereotypes found on nights out – including Hugh Watt the slow one, the Huggers, the political ranter, and the pervs – and the recognition of the all too familiar nightclub personalities is delightful.

As the night wears on, the characters get drunker and the performances become more heightened. Though they’re increasingly ridiculous, they effectively trigger familiarity and nostalgia. It’s reassuring that young people still behave the same as us older people did when we were their age – and wonderfully funny.

But as the eyeliner smudges, the banter becomes more asinine and there’s sick everywhere, the show loses some of its momentum. The initial set-up that encourages audience members to join in is stifled by having to stay seated and watch. This is a show that would benefit from a standing audience who could dance along with them.

But this is a small shortcoming. This sloppy, joyful mess is a quirky, delightful tribute to the next best thing to Great British Bake-Off.

Eggs Collective Get a Round runs through 25 August.

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