Mouths In a Glass, Hope Theatre


by guest critic Alistair Wilkinson

Having never been to The Hope Theatre before, I am impressed by the intimacy of being in a space that only seated fifty audience members at a time. It’s a shame that Mouths In A Glass has a small crowd, resulting in a shortage of energy.

Perhaps it is this that leads to a lacklustre performance on stage, resulting in a rather basic delivery. The narrative doesn’t flow and the majority of the comedy falls flat. There are occasional laughs in the audience, however they seemed to come from family and friends.

This type of act would work better on the screen, however I feel like I’ve definitely seen it before. The jokes seem too similar to ‘The Catherine Tate Show’, and the concept of the piece is anything but original. I wouldn’t mind the similarity if the performance were exciting and if the characters strongly defined. Unfortunately, the awkward atmosphere in the space leaves me wishing for the show to be over sooner rather than later.

The performance’s saving grace is its use of props and costume, which help aid the narrative. But even these occasional moments of hope quickly give way to awkward costume changes, where the dresser and performer don’t work together to make a smooth transition. This leads to yet more disappointing moments. There isn’t a clear ending. I was happy when it finishes, however the piece suddenly halts with no real dramatic reasoning or thought.

I don’t like this show. I wouldn’t recommend going to see it. However, I am going to be making a conscious effort to see another show at The Hope Theatre, to see how an intimate space can be utilised properly.

Mouths in a Glass run through 25 February.

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One thought on “Mouths In a Glass, Hope Theatre

  1. Selene O'Kane says:

    Whilst my opinion is just of someone in the audience who has an interest in seeing quality theatre, I saw ‘Mouths in a Glass’ this evening. I found the acting compelling,the changes of character very convincing and enjoyed a throughly entertaining performance. What a versatile and talented performer! Go see this and enjoy authentic theatre at its best.


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