Beau Brummel – An Elegant Madness, Jermyn Street Theatre

Locked away in a convent in Calais, a mad Beau Brummel and his valet bide their time until the visiting Prince of Wales passes. Disgraced by debts acquired from living well beyond his means, Brummel escaped to France – but his past eventually caught up with him. Will the prince catch sight of his old friend and rescue him? Or will Beau be consigned to life’s scrap heap, forever forgotten, fallen from the pinnacle of London’s social elites?

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Droll, VAULT Festival

img_0177By guest critic Jo Trainor

“Let’s all dance ‘round the shitty faced baby.”

Drolls (director Brice Stratford explains) were short, raucous, illegal plays from the 17th Century. Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan interregnum banned theatre from 1642, but drolls were performed in pubs and alley ways to keep theatrical traditions going. Stratford says no one has put on a droll for 400 years, and boy, have companies been missing a trick because these sketches provide a hilarious evening of entertainment. There’s sex, there’s adultery, and you’re given a shot of whisky when you come in the door.

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Blood & Bone, VAULT Festival


By guest critic Alistair Wilkinson (@alistairwilks)

A political satire, blended with sexualised humour, with a sprinkle of fertiliser-addicted plants that just want to have fun with their mates – what more could you ask for on a Wednesday night? The overriding rule of their way of life – do not leave the greenhouse. If you do, be prepared to fall prey to being a part of a hipster vegan’s Instagram post.

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