Carry On Jaywick, VAULT Festival

A couple of miles along the Essex coast from Clacton, is the village of Jaywick. Jaywick has the distinction of being the most deprived area of Britain. Originally a holiday resort, WWII saw an influx of year-round residents. But as years passed, the buildings fell into disrepair, the risk of flooding increased and the area was largely neglected by local and national governments. The community spirit remained high though, with a core group of concerned residents doing their best to make positive change.

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Thought to Flesh, VAULT Festival

The ice bucket challenge did a lot to raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease. But how many people who froze their tits off because their mates dared them to actually learnt anything about the condition? Probably not many, so other means of educating about the condition are needed. Supported by the Wellcome Trust, Thought to Flesh creators Nathalie Czarnecki and Gareth Mitchell worked with doctors and researchers to develop a work that shares the human side of MND in an episodic montage following a young woman’s life with MND.

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