Dirty Great Love Story, Arts Theatre

Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna have the sort of falling-in-love story you see in movies. The two years that it took them to get together are a ridiculous mashup of drunken disorder, absurd coincidence and goofy comedy. So they wrote a show about it. Character comedy Dirty Great Love Story uses rhyming poetry (the language of love) and narration to reveal the exquisitely human and often cringy landscape of modern dating. Though the supporting characters are underdeveloped and there’s an overall lack of depth, the show has undeniable charm that can warm the coldest of hearts.

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This Must Be the Place, VAULT Festival

by guest critic Nastazja Somers

“Home, is where I want to be / Pick me up and turn around / I feel numb, born with a week heart/ I guess I must be having fun”

David Byrne’s lyrics to ‘This Must Be the Place’, one of the biggest hits from Talking Heads, can be easily seen as the inspiration for the production of This Must Be the Place which, after playing at the Latitude Festival, is now at VAULT Festival. Acclaimed playwrights Brad Birch and Kenneth Emson target the themes of loneliness and belonging in a moving and captivating way. However, whilst the piece is also beautifully acted and directed, it lacks a certain precision in conveying its message.

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