Lists for the End of the World, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Things that are good about Lists for the End of the World

1. It’s funny, sad and moving all at once
2. Though the concept is simple, it’s structurally dynamic
3. It makes you laugh and think at the same time
4. Some moments made me reflect on some Hard Things I’m currently going through
5. They use music in a sarcastic, hipster-y way
6. It does what it says on the tin, but is so much more than that
7. It uses crowd sourcing in a fun, accessible way
8. Technology is important to the show’s creation, but it’s not about technology
9. It’s a safe, anonymous way to have your say about Important Stuff
10. It’s interactive – you naturally add your own answer in your head
11. There’s emotional variation and a level of unpredictability
12. It would make a great radio/aural installation
13. It’s powerful, but not aggressive – more like a cuddle than a punch
14. Humanity is displayed through a beautiful medium
15. Verbatim theatre is used in a clever, non-exploitative way

Things that were less good about Lists for the End of the World

1. The performers are vehicles for other people’s material without giving any sense of their own personalities
2. There’s something therapeutic about the show but no space for active dialogue
3. The stage is mostly bare – projections or captioning would add a visual element

Things that Lists for the End of the World made me think about

1. Mortality
2. Success/failure in my own life
3. Regrets
4. Love
5. People I miss and people I definitely don’t
6. My bucket list
7. “Remember to critically engage with this show and not just be pulled in by the content.”
8. How much I miss making theatre

Lists for the End of the World runs through 27 August.

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