What the Dolls Saw, VAULT Festival

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by Laura Kressly

A master doll-maker has died, leaving behind a fractious and fragmented family. His widow is a nostalgic former actor, his eldest daughter Christine is a lesbian true-crime podcaster from his first marriage, middle daughter Zara is a petty criminal living in the US, and his youngest, Meg, is a children’s book author. As they gather for the funeral, Christine reminds them of their long-missing Aunt Lily, mum’s twin. Now that their tyrannical father is dead, it’s the perfect time to get to the bottom of her disappearance.

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The Indecent Musings of Miss Doncaster 2007, VAULT Festival

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by Isabel Becker


Miss Donny of Doncaster is back after her 2007 debut, and this performance will absolutely blow your bloody socks off. [Note: if you didn’t read that sentence in a stinking Yorkshire accent then you need to go and spend some time in that smashing end of the country].

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