Hot Brown Honey, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

‘The revolution is childcare!’ proclaims Busty Beatz from the top of her honeycomb mountain. The revolution also honours people from First Nations around the world, respects women of colour and escapes the constraints of imperialism. It’s owning your body, your sexuality and your race. It is Hot Brown Honey, the radical feminist cabaret from Australian women of colour.

And it’s bloody brilliant. The dance, music and circus acts all take a pro-POC, anti-empire angle, but one that’s celebratory of diversity rather than a lecture. From the pissed Aussie tourist and her hula hoops, to the group burlesque number where the end results are not knickers and pasties but maid outfits, every act is fierce, feminist and intersectional. And there are no apologies.

Busty Beatz oversees the hive and the tunes. She provides catchy slogans – ‘Moisturise and decolonise!’ and context in between the performances that revs up the audience, a mix of nationalities and races. Though it’s important that white people see this show, it’s also a shame that the audience is as white as it is – that’s Edinburgh, though.

Before we spill into the night, buzzing with confidence and energy to take on everything that’s wrong in the world, we are reminded that change starts on an individual level. We can choose to fight inequality, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism and discrimination, or we can ignore it. Either way, it’s up to us to make the sort of world we want to live in.

Hot Brown Honey runs through 27 August.

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