This Poo Shall Pass, VAULT Festival

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by Emma Lamond

This is a fun and eccentric poetry show which celebrates the best, the worst, and the otherwise un-noteworthy in us all.

Molly Martian is playful and relaxed throughout, as well as being brutally honest in her self-deprecation. The audience had no choice but to laugh out loud and feel at ease, safe in the knowledge that Martian is expertly going to guide them through an hour of excellent – if bizarre – poetry, comedy and home truths.

It is truly joyful to be in the same audience as Martian’s parents – an experience that surely isn’t the standard offer. Martian’s ad-libs with her parents are superb, and beyond making her audience laugh, it further demonstrates her expert command over her audience.

Throughout the performance, she deals with trans issues with such lightheartedness and humour. It is easy to forget the severity of what is being discussed, until Martian breaks the cheery atmosphere and brings the hard realities back into focus.

The use of technical elements is clear and effective. Martian’s Google searches being projected during transitions is a hilarious and poignant mix of the random ramblings of a mind, medical concerns and the realities of living as a trans woman. The inclusion of the projections rounds out Martian’s character more fully and effectively marries with the themes of her show.

This Poo Shall Pass is marketed as a comedy and poetry show with all the private musings one thinks in the privacy of a toilet cubicle thrown in, and that’s exactly what the audience gets. This show is equal parts comical and enlightening, and is a joyful way to spend an hour. It is certainly worth seeking Martian out in whatever form her comedy takes next, be it this show or another.

This Poo Shall Pass runs through 1 March.

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