Girl Code, VAULT Festival


by Amber Pathak

Is money everything? This is the topic of this Girl Code, a stand-up panel show hosted by the amazing Sikisa. Each show features hilarious up-and-coming women comedians, doing a warm-up set and then moving straight on to the debate. It’s like the Wright stuff, except it has jokes. All of the acts on the bill absolutely smashed their sets; the thin midday crowd roar with laughter at every other line.

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Luna, VAULT Festival

Image result for moon

by Jade Pathak

Luna is exactly what it describes itself as: ‘A Play About The Moon’. Through a series of sketches from characters ranging from sensible to kooky, our favourite satellite of the Earth is explained and questioned. A charming quality of Toby Hulse’s play is that it does not favour science over story, or vice versa. Luna is a pleasant balance between lessons about how the moon works, and the myths and mystery around it.

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