Going Through, Bush Theatre

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by Laura Kressly

At the start of what seems to be a fairytale, we meet Nour and Yumna in their tiny house. They have just enough space for the two of them and all the things they need. Though Yumna’s ears don’t work, she’s teaching her language to the little girl she’s raising on behalf of her best friend whose gone to make a new life in a faraway land. They are happy, want for nothing, and their days are full of light, love and stories. But the bombs are getting closer, the men with guns are ever more threatening, and Nour’s mother could send for her at any point.

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Review: virtual reality theatre streaming service LIVR


by Louis Train

The LIVR offices at Westbourne Green look like the headquarters of any startup: the decoration is sparse, the staff is small, there’s a dog bed by the wall and, one assumes, sometimes there is a dog. At one end of the room there is a sofa, where I was invited to sit and try on a virtual reality headset. I pulled the set over my eyes and plugged in the headphones. I chose a play, Stephen Laughton’s One Jewish Boy, and pressed start.

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