RawTransportTM, VAULT Festival

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by Fergus Church

[/activate sensory simulation database]

[sensory simulation database pending]

[sensory simulation database complete]

[location: vault festival]


[/see:] dim corridors. neon and spray paint and brick.
[/smell:] must. vimto-flavoured vape. cigarette smoke. beer.
[/feel:] water sweat-dripping onto crowns of heads. dusty warmth.
[/hear:] chatting. applause. glasses clinking behind the bar. a pub quiz announcer.
[/taste:] breath mints. mould in the air.

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Review: virtual reality theatre streaming service LIVR


by Louis Train

The LIVR offices at Westbourne Green look like the headquarters of any startup: the decoration is sparse, the staff is small, there’s a dog bed by the wall and, one assumes, sometimes there is a dog. At one end of the room there is a sofa, where I was invited to sit and try on a virtual reality headset. I pulled the set over my eyes and plugged in the headphones. I chose a play, Stephen Laughton’s One Jewish Boy, and pressed start.

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