Can I Touch Your Hair, Vault Festival


by Romy Foster

Making my way into the theatre, I am so excited to see this show. The speakers on the incoming are blaring superwoman smash hits like Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ and Jamelia’s ‘Superstar’ and I am pumped to see a full hour of female empowering, bossy woman, hell-raising quality content. Being International Women’s Day, I feel like this is the perfect show to see.

The first five minutes are almost promising, gently feeding the audience little tasters of what it was like growing up in the North being Mixed Race. Lekhani Chriwa is one of the only black girls in her area.

It seems to be going well until about 15 minutes in. She shouts ‘Line’ and one of the crew prompts her. At first, I am surprised, but then consider that all opening nights are nerve wracking and especially when doing a one woman show. The audience support her and we hope it would give her the courage to go on to perform the remaining 45 minutes of the show unprompted. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and it seems she asks for lines/prompts every 10 minutes or so.

Although what Chirwa is actually saying is important and relatable, it isn’t performed with much conviction. There is a lack of strong creative choices and risks being taken, the whole performance feels very safe. This show needs a lot more R&D time to be a really promising piece of work.

Can I Touch Your Hair runs through 9 March.

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