A Clown Show About Rain, Vault Festival

by Romy Foster

Silent Faces’ new show brings harmony between goofiness and grief. Their playfulness is infectious and the audience can’t help themselves but to giggle at the absurdity (and tea!) being fed to them over the hour.

The cast ooze well-trained techniques from famous clown/mime/physical theatre teachers such as Philippe Gaulier and Jacques Lecoq. Seeing genuine playfulness and brave stupidity is refreshing and something rarely seen. Despite the title, I didn’t think the whole show would be an actual clown show, but rather one that uses physical theatre methods woven into a play. I was wrong, and am pleased to enjoy an evening of true physical theatre.

We are taken on a hilarious journey by Forth, Cromarty and Dogger bobbing at sea, trying to keep their heads above water. The ensemble work between the three of them is strong. We see them as a little, silly family who squabble, bicker and prank one another but in the end just want the best for each other. Somewhere between frantically trying to place buckets under the ever-leaking ceiling and the lost traveller trying to find their way, the storyline starts to make sense, forming into a story about mental health and asking for help when you’re feeling under the weather. Not all days are dark and rainy, and not all days are bright and sunny, but when you have the support of others around you, it makes each day that little bit more worth living.

Silent Faces have teamed up with Mental Health charity Rethink Mental Illness and are raising awareness and money to tackle the stigma around mental health.

A Clown Show About Rain runs through 3 March.

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