Don Juan, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

by guest critic Joanna Trainor

Allô you gorgeous creatures, this entire review is going to be written in a very sexy French accent so that’s how you should read it.*

It’s 17th Century France and Don Juan is busy philandering and duelling his way round the country. Styling in his sunglasses and oozing confidence, it’s impossible not to fall under his spell. The role of the famous lothario is shared amongst the actors, as well as the odd audience member – actually, we have several important parts to play.

‘Interactive theatre’ has the power to strike fear into the hearts of theatregoers, but Slightly Isolated Dog create a warm and receptive atmosphere before the show even starts. While the audience comes in, they go round and speak to as many people as possible and learn your names so there’s no hesitation when they ask you to join in. The Fringe festival has such a community feel, and it’s so enjoyable when the shows themselves replicate that vibe.

There is also so much skill on show in Don Juan, from side-splitting comedy characters to stunning vocal performances. The rendition of Fiona Apple’s ‘Container’ is haunting, and their engaging storytelling proves there’s nothing Slightly Isolated Dog can’t do.

The Fringe can be quite a draining experience, but Don Juan is the perfect pick-me-up. Honestly, you’ll come out feeling like a million dollars, and who doesn’t need that now and again?

*This Don Juan is based on the Molière play, they haven’t just got their European countries confused. Definitely didn’t take me a bit to work this out or anything.

Don Juan runs until 27 August.

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