The Moor, Old Red Lion Theatre

The Moor, Old Red Lion Theatre - Jill McAusland courtesy of The Other Richard_3.jpg

by an anonymous guest critic

Lucie’s play The Moor uncovers the nightmarish reality of Bronagh (Jill Mcausland), a new Mother stuck in a state of abysmal claustrophobia from the landscape which she is in constant fear of and an abusive relationship with her partner Graeme (Oliver Britten).

The play is performed in a  murder mystery style as we try to figure out, along with Bronagh, what exactly happened on the night of a party where a potential lover has disappeared. This is helped by frequent moments of direct audience interaction, which weaves its way beautifully into the production directed by Blythe Stewart.

However as the play spirals further into the mystery we start to realise that Bronagh is an unreliable source: talking about elves and falling prey to repeated emotional breakdowns. She places such strong faith in her own account of the night that Bronagh confides in police officer and family friend Pat (Jonny Magnanti), ending in disastrous consequences.

If it’s a night of light entertainment you are after then this is certainly not the play to watch. Although at times Catherine Lucie’s plot can feel repetitive, Jill McAusland’s stellar performance is one not to miss.

The Moor runs through 3 March

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