The Place’s Young Critics review: Coming Out of My Cage at VAULT Festival


by Cara Lee

In Coming Out of My Cage (And I’ve Been Doing Just Fine), Shepard Tone’s Tim and Hannah explore the legacy of one of the most popular songs of all time through a pitch-perfect combination of fun audience interactions and a great use of video in particular.

The show is made up of many segments, which all take a primarily comedic look at various aspects of both the song ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers, and its legacy. One particularly fun part is where they discuss the character “Mr Darkside”, even playing a parody version of the song that could easily be mistaken for a viral classic (I did try to search for it afterwards in the hopes that it would be online somewhere, but alas, nothing).

Through all of this, the primary plot thread is Tim and Hannah’s mission to find a woman they saw singing the song in a series of Youtube videos, a mission that takes them from community Facebook pages to four or five different small towns and in a few other hilarious directions. This is where the screens really come into play, as we see their mission play out through their recordings and screenshots, giving us an even wider perception of what’s happening and therefore making it even funnier.

But Coming Out of My Cage’s true, emotional heart comes from the viral video that inspired it. It shows a group of people coming together to sing the song at a wake in an Irish pub, showing the power that music has to craft and define communities. Throughout the show, Tim and Hannah use humour and their interactive format to make the audience a community in the same way, really deepening the show’s themes. Thanks to this, one of the best parts of the show comes in the karaoke ending where, much like the people in the viral video that inspired the show, the audience
gets a chance to rock out to Mr Brightside.

Overall, Coming Out of My Cage is a delightful, fun-filled show which pays fantastic tribute to the iconic song it explores.

Coming Out of My Cage runs through 16 February.

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