The Place’s Young Critics review: Sexy Lamp at VAULT Festival

Image result for sexy lamp, katie arnstein

by Cara Lee

Much like Bicycles and Fish, the first show Katie Arnstein performed at the festival, Sexy Lamp is a perfect mix of wit, emotion and more serious points, that reflect both her own experiences and the experiences of the majority of women with misogyny, perfectly. In this show, the second of her trilogy It’s A Girl!, she moves on to her first experiences trying to make it in London in the world of acting, once again discussing her struggles against misogyny.

In this show, Katie once again peppers in light-hearted, satirical ukulele songs both to entertain and to slowly introduce the serious issues she’s discussing. These songs also break up various parts of the hour-long show very well and serve to introduce new parts of the story effectively, too.

Katie additionally does this through her signature witty spoken words, also used to lighten the mood and tone of the piece when necessary. Much like the songs, this provides a brilliant level of humour to the show. Her tone is truly what makes her a fantastic storyteller, as she’s able to keep every part of the performance engaging.

The mostly bare stage and changes in lighting also highlight her words in Sexy Lamp’s more serious segments. As a result, parts of the show that are already powerful enough gain an even greater impact, as the audience are forced to tune in to what she’s saying.

Overall, Sexy Lamp is in equal parts funny and powerful – a perfect blend of both things Katie Arnstein does best. This show will be coming to The Place in June this year – look out for tickets, as this is one you definitely don’t want to miss!

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