Alex Edelman: Just For Us, VAULT Festival

Image result for alex edelman: just the two of us, vault festival

by Stephanie Hartland

It was supposed to be an hour of “funny, shitty jokes”, or at least that is what Alex tells us. However what the audience is presented with is 60 minutes of non-stop laughs at relatable, witty and relevant jokes that deal with small and huge issues alike.

Edelman settles the audience into the show by exploiting the common positive ground of Robin Williams. His initial topics are light, but they allow us to form a connection with him. They also serve to offer some starter-style relief before we are brought into the main course of the set.

This main course, a juicy serving of Nazis, anti-semitism and the desperate need to be liked, is phenomenally executed. Edelman’s storytelling skills are perhaps his strongest; they constantly offer opportunities to connect and agree with him, while also sharing in the comedy he has created out of a rather serious situation. Through his use of repeating jokes – “Right! Nazi!” (you really had to be there…) – and by utilising shared opinions, he creates a community who are very willing to share their opinions through their laughter and understanding.

Overall, Edelman’s performance is fairly flawless. He exudes a very quiet confidence which he justifies with his stunning ability to connect with his audience. This comedian is most certainly one to catch if possible because before you know it, he’ll be up there on big stages, with the best of the best.

Alex Edelman: Just the Two of Us runs through 16 February.

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