Boxman, Blue Elephant Theatre

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by guest critic Amy Toledano

Boxman by Daniel Keene is the story of Ringo, a former child soldier, now homeless man living in a box on the inner city streets of London. Reflecting on race, culture and the struggles faced by many immigrants who come to the UK searching for a home, Boxman examines what it means to be lost, lonely and forgotten.

Ringo, played by the charming Reice Weathers, lays out a tale that is incredibly common in some small African communities – a child ripped away from his family and forced to fight in a war he has no business being in. Using a high-energy style and sweet charisma, Weathers immediately transports the audience back to the day his life changed forever.

Weathers plays Ringo as lovable and kind whilst subtly highlights the issues many homeless men and women face on a daily basis. From being moved on by police, to living in a park, to the endless looks from passersby that make him feel like he is crazy, he navigates a treacherous landscape.

This show is an important look into a world that often gets forgotten and left behind. The lives of homeless people in the UK are often thought of as lower priority than many other issues, and Boxman reminds us to stop and be grateful for the privileged hand we have been dealt.

Boxman runs through 6 July.

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