Unburied, VAULT Festival

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by guest critic Lara Alier

A woman, a screen projector and a young audience who has already been in the bar. Sweet high school memories. This evening though, I am taken on a journey where horror and comedy flip as fast as a coin.

Carrie Marx plays a version of herself, who has been researching and gathering information for her new podcast. She has invited us to attend to the live-recording of this, which digs into the mystery of a children’s TV programme which was filmed, but never aired. As someone who grew up in the late 90’s, I was absolutely unaware of the Children of the Stones TV series. Amongst other things, it made me realize how beige our upringing must have been compared to babyboomers.

Even though we know Marx is following a script, following all her research in situ makes us feel much more engaged and involved. Watching people cooking on stage is dynamic, and quite rare. She does so accompanied by all sorts documents, google images and recordings.

As the play evolves, Marx’s frustration grows stronger as she immerses herself in the dangerous unknown. Carrie Marx skillfully masters this hour long play, creating a strong connection with the material and the audience.

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