Ok Bye, VAULT Festival

by guest critic Lara Alier

Imagination and simplicity are very effective storytelling devices. Ok Bye feels like a small step forward in the evolution of theatre. Ok, I’m getting carried away, but when I see people pushing theatre forward I get excited. There are verbatim sections, choreography, lighting devices, live music, three actors and one musician.

The main story is about a sister, her two brothers and how they are dealing with their mother’s degenerative illness and death. To me, it personally unearths that feeling of helplessness when you see a loved slowly surrendering to life. Even though this is a very specific story, the play also questions and reflects on loss in a broader sense.

The production features contemporary choreography, that introduces the piece, and then serves as transitions. Even though they are a powerful tool in communicating the message it does feel a bit repetitive after awhile.

Performer Kate Goodfellow’s work is excellent, fiercely stretching her emotions. Oscar Scot-White and Sam Cornforth give a very playful and engaging performance which makes the piece feel whole.

Ok Bye creates beautiful moments that don’t need any explanation. The company are able to build these moments up and destroy in an exceptionally quick and rhythmical fashion but they still allow space for the audience to move through the story with them.

Ok Bye runs through 11 March.

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