Boots, VAULT Festival

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by guest critic Lara Alier

Willow is a 35-year-old chemist who works at Boots and is writing a scientific journal. Liz is an older woman who takes care of her sick husband and spends half of her time  walking in the woods. They both become curious about the other,  and eventually care for each other. The non-judgmental writing creates really round characters with many different layers.

We see snaps of their meetings at Boots, with monologues which slowly unfold the plot.   The excellent writing and the two contrasting characters make it endearing to watch.

There are two big themes: one is how imposing motherhood can be on women and the other, is the silent aftermath of sexual abuse, and how deeply it can effect a life.

There are really moving bits and confessions, especially relevant in time like ours, where more and more people are speaking up. It is truly heartbreaking to see on-stage realities that travel no further than your own friends.

Tanya Loretta Dee and Ilona Linthway  work their magic through the whole show with delicate performances.

Boots runs through 11 March.

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