Britney Spears: The Cabaret, The Other Palace

by guest critic Michaela Clement-Hayes

When she first sprang onto the scene with her bunches, we all lost our minds. She was a cool teenager, singing about stuff that we were going through. Or at least we thought we were, but the truth was that we were younger than she was and didn’t really understand it. But we still loved her. And she had morals. Ish.

So seeing her actually live in London doing cabaret is pretty cool.

OK, so it’s not actually Britney Spears, but Christie Whelan Browne takes on the role in style in a one-hour cabaret, combining all our favourite hits with a satirical look at the rise and fall of the pop princess.

There’s a song for every Britney phase and mistake, combined with anecdotes (both fact and fiction). At times, it even manages to be a little bit poignant, but ultimately it’s fast-paced and funny.

It is definitely one for fans of Britney and her music, but why else would you go? Grab your friends, buy a bottle of bubbles and make a night of it.

Even if you haven’t listened to her songs for a while, this will remind you of why you love her and (if you’re like me) have you listening to her Greatest Hits all the way home.

Britney Spears: The Cabaret runs through 9 September.

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