The Night Pirates, Rose Theatre Kingston,willjennings(storyteller3)&charlottecooper(storyteller1).credit-camillagreenwell..jpg

You’re fast asleep in your bed, in a small English town. Then some mysterious noises outside wake you, and on looking out your window you discover a gang of pirates is trying to steal your family home. What do you do?

Ask to join them, of course!

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Britney Spears: The Cabaret, The Other Palace

by guest critic Michaela Clement-Hayes

When she first sprang onto the scene with her bunches, we all lost our minds. She was a cool teenager, singing about stuff that we were going through. Or at least we thought we were, but the truth was that we were younger than she was and didn’t really understand it. But we still loved her. And she had morals. Ish.

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