Lovefool, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Lovefool – Bread and Roses, London - The Reviews Hub

by Diana Miranda

What does dating mean for someone who grew up when cassettes were a thing and fell in love before the era of dating apps? Rachel has just separated from her husband and is back at her mum’s, surrounded by boxes containing memorabilia from the nineties. Among those treasures, she re-discovers Sugar magazine, the ultimate guide to tackling dating. However, being single some twenty years later – when Bumble replaces phone calls – poses a few challenges. 

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Bobby and Amy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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by Meredith Jones Russell

A two-person comedy about kids and foot and mouth disease doesn’t necessarily sound like the most appealing prospect. Don’t let that put you off. Bobby and Amy is a stunning portrayal of the strength of humans, community and friendship, with incredible performances from its talented leads.

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