A Pissedmas Carol, Leicester Square Theatre

by Zahid Fayyaz

Shit-faced Showtime has returned to their London home, the Leicester Square Theatre, for their annual yuletide version of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. The USP of this particular Christmas Carol, to distinguish it from the other versions across the country, is that one member of the cast is completely hammered and the rest of the case have to work around and incorporate their drunken ramblings into the show. The cast also incorporate a number of contemporary songs into the narrative, which occasionally do not work, though not at the fault of their singing talent.

This is a sister production to the long-running, Shit-Faced Shakespeare series, and much like that, there is a lot of fun to be had with the swerves in the play and narrative caused by the drunken cast member’s nature. In this case, the actor playing Scrooge added a Harry Potter element to the flashbacks to Scrooge’s past, made a cast member expertly navigate their character’s dialogue with a German accent, and had to be escorted back to the stage at numerous points when he was trying to wander off. There is also a lot more swearing and ‘SAY WHATTTT’S’ then what is normally found in A Christmas Carol. There is a slight worry sometimes as to the health and safety aspect of the show, but on the basis that the same actor is not inebriated every day or too many times in the week, its probably on the right side of that divide.

The concept is very much an acquired taste, but the talented cast give it their all. It’s an extremely good time, and the crowd laughing throughout the majority of the evening. It’s very much worth seeing, and despite the concept, does induce very Christmassy feelings.

A Pissedmas Carol runs through 7 January.

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