Wigs Snatched Perceptions Destroyed, VAULT Festival


by Amber Pathak

Ever wanted to be famous? Now you can! For the small price of your dignity, you can attend Erinn Dhesi’s “How To Be An Influencer Whilst Alienating People” workshop. The hour-long lecture covers career options, how to boost engagement and, like, a super- important message about identity.

When an artist falls in love with an idea, they make beautiful art. But what happens when the artist is a millennial and the idea has as much beauty as a sausage roll? In this case, it makes the art educational and entertaining. Think The Life Bus meets Toast of London. Part slideshow, part stand-up, part improv, you’d be forgiven for thinking this show was all over the place, but to a learned audience, the play’s identity is clear.

“We don’t need to live our lives within the confines of social norms. We don’t need to share every açai bowl, gender reveal or dog video. Who you are in real life and who you are online are two different people, and the more time invested as a virtual user, the more reality tends to suck, and not just for the individual. Living life online can change the person you really are”. This isn’t some boomer’s rant about the supposed golden age before the internet, but rather a well-presented, balanced argument on the potency of social media, how it can be toxic and how it has transformed the ways in which we communicate. You’re not required to follow Erinn (@10mmballpointpen) as part of the show, but it helps.

Wigs Snatched Perceptions Destroyed runs through 1 March.

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