Omelette, VAULT Festival

Omlette - Ali Wright-52

by Lizzie Jackson

In the dark and atmospheric Cavern at the Vaults, theatre company Long Distance present us with their first play, Omelette. It explores many of the important questions on the climate crisis. How far should we go to save the planet? How far is too far? Does it make a difference? Should we give up coffee forever?

We follow a couple, Mia and Mo, on their mission to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible in order to save the planet. As this challenge becomes more and more extreme, it tests the waters of their relationship and their mental wellbeing. The play cleverly uses both humour and darkness to explore the ridiculous but understandable eco-anxiety that has lead them to this situation, keeping the audience both engaged with the questions the play is asking as well as empathetic towards the characters.

The writing from Anna Spearpoint is engaging, thought-provoking, quick-witted and funny, and the direction from Tash Hyman is dynamic and energising. Occasionally the pace of the play needs more space to breathe, especially at the beginning when the couple’s relationship starts to form. It would have been even more emotionally engaging to see a slower development from the couple’s initial meeting, allowing us to get to know the characters and see how their relationship develops. Sometimes the lighthearted nature of the play doesn’t allow for it to go as deep as it could have done, which it could have done at a longer length.

Overall, this play is brilliant. It is thought-provoking, and stimulates a reflective journey on my own contribution to the destruction of the planet. The talent in both the writing and directing is evident, and it is a pleasure to watch.

Omelette runs through 23 February.

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