Just These Please: Suitable, VAULT Festival

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by Bryony Rae Taylor

Just These Please are a sketch troupe made up of Georgie Jones, William Sebag-Montefiore, Philippa Carson and Tom Dickson. Their show is called Suitable, which I assume is because when they are on stage they wear suits. Or maybe they are suited because the show is called Suitable. CHICKEN AND EGG SITUATION.

Anyway. They look suave.

They meander consistently through quite brilliant material. To begin, Philippa plays a very fraught, nervous system checking in with her organ pals: nobody knows what Georgie the appendix is for. Including Georgie the appendix. It’s alarmingly adorable and the room turned into a giggle-fest from the outset.

[Sketch comedy is often weird. Lean in.]

The act are water-tight, which is likely due to the fact they previously took this show to the Edinburgh Fringe. But they look like they are still having fun. One of their particularly particularly funny bits is about having an Irish name and trying and order a coffee at Starbucks – SO many vowels to deal with. To get a taste of their work, there’s a version of this on YouTube; if you like it, you’ll probably like the show.

Their sketches don’t veer hugely outside of the box. They’re not predictable, but they tread familiar sketch-comedy terrain. Some expertly-deployed pop music gives the show a bit of je ne ces’t quois, but the format is a familiar one. There are enough reviews of this show out there that explain every sketch in detail, so there’s no need to spoil the minutia here. However, I will share that the finale is a musical about TFL, and it is exceptional. You’ll never look at the yellow line the same again.

There is something hugely satisfying about their unrelentingly perfect delivery. They are so polished that it’s almost annoying. Well, not really. This is the perfect Friday night Vaults show. Except it’s on Thursdays, so that will have to do instead.

Just These Please: Suitable run through 27 February.

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