Big Bones, VAULT Festival


By Becky Lennon

‘’Everything is Big at the big top! Its Big, it’s whopping, the fun’s never stopping!’’ 

Nora, a clumsy girl with no gang of friends, discovers that she is the long lost great-great-great-granddaughter of Big Bones, the owner of the Big Bones Big Top Circus!  We follow her journey to the big top where she meets various characters, such as Jim Membership the strong man. Nora is also met with the news that the Big Top has a curse, which prevents audiences seeing the show. Will Nora be able to reverse the curse and reconnect audiences with the circus? 

This is a story inspired by the Irish giant Charles Byrn, who was 7 feet and 7 inches, and is fantastic fun for all the family. There are songs, dance, puns and pizzaz, delivered by an energetic and engaging cast of five, who take on multiple roles. There is also captivating puppetry. The script is cleverly crafted so that both the grownups and tiny tots can engage and have a good laugh together.

Faceplant Theatre delivers the message that everyone has a purpose because  everyone has a talent. In Nora’s case, she is a massive klutz, so what better role for her than a clown? We also explore the rudeness and nastiness that can be encountered when you are yourself and not conforming to what people expect of you. However, Nora fights back at this by announcing , “Being a weirdo is GREAT!”. 

Tackling the issue of difference in a light hearted, colourful and bright way is a great way for younger audiences to learn and explore their own differences and understand that they are all important and valid.

Big Bones runs through 16 February.

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