Ladykiller, Pleasance

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by Amy Toledano

Ladykiller by Madeline Gould is a grizzly dark comedy that turns the patriarchy on its head with its feminist theme. Produced by the Thelmas and directed by Madelaine Moore, this one-woman show leaves audiences tingling with fear from beginning to end and wondering if everything is really as it seems.

Hannah McClean leads the piece with her incredible portrayal of a murderous chambermaid. She gives the audience a stellar performance of a complex woman, with incredible moments of light and shade that keep everyone completely engaged throughout.

One of the most interesting things about this show is McClean’s ability to get the audience onside. She openly admits her horrifying thoughts, her psychopathic nature and yet she is so very likeable. This is not an easy feat, but McClean does it effortlessly. Her eyes sparkle with wonder and draw us further and further into her world.

The production has a quick pace, and it is a credit to the creative team that this 60-minute piece whizzes by. Gould’s writing is so well-crafted and polished that it is impossible not to take every word of it completely seriously, and it is in this clever writing that The Chambermaid’s charisma shines through.

Gory and hilarious, this one is an absolute win. Laugh-out-loud funny, totally uncomfortable and outrageous, this is certainly  not one for the faint-hearted. It’s a totally watchable and blood-soaked hour.

Ladykiller runs through 2 December.

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